To help you plan, we have collated all the key dates for the election below. It also includes workshops and briefing sessions. Where a workshop is compulsory it will say as such. 

  • Nominations Open
    Friday 24th January – Sunday 1st March
    Please nominate yourself online at
  • Candidate Briefing – One Hour Session (Please ONLY attend ONE)
    Monday 2nd March, Tuesday 3rd March 13:00
    This is where you will be given all the information you need to know about the Elections. THIS IS COMPULSORY!
  • Publicity Deadline
    Friday 6th March at 16:00
    This is where you will need to hand in a physical copy of your publicity, and any receipts for expenditure. All rules will be explained at the Candidates Briefing.
  • Publicity Collection
    Friday 13th March (Until 16:00)
    You can collect any of your printed material from the SU Office in the Faccenda Centre (First Floor) on this date.
  • Voting Open
    Monday 16th March (10:00) - Tuesday 24th March (16:00)
    Voting will be online. Each student will receive a BESPOKE LINK to their Harper Adams email address where you will go to cast your votes. You cannot share this link, as it will only allow you to vote.
  • Question Time (Compulsory)
    Thursday 19th March at 18:00 for each one
    Your chance to give a speech, open discussion against your opponents and take questions from students about what you want to achieve (Full Time Positions ONLY).
  • Ballot Counting
    Tuesday 24th March at 17:00
    The count will be done electronically and will be checked by the Deputy Returning Officer. Once the count has started, HASU will not be able to receive any further complaints.
  • Elections Results
    Wednesday 25th March at 23:00
    HASU will announce the results of the Election in the SU Bar. There will be a special Election Party that evening to announce the winners.