If you want something to change, you can't just wait around. You've got to make it happen yourself. We're the voice of Harper students, on campus, locally and nationally. We'll help you campaign for what matters to you.

Campaigns for change

Throughout the course of a year, the Students' Union will tackle a number of campaigns. This often takes the form of a week of action and consists of everything from hosting events, lobbying the University and other organisations, taking part in national demonstrations and more.

These campaigns are generally led by our President and Vice President although our part-time officers and other elements of the student body can take the lead on a campaign that is close to their heart while receiving Students' Union backing.

If there's a campaign you'd like to see the Students' Union tackle you can submit it to the Unions email address or if you're simply looking for advice on running a campaign and want to see how the Union can support you, please email studentsunion@harper-adams.ac.uk