Black History Month

October is Black History Month in the UK, having first been celebrated in the UK in October 1987. It is an annual celebration of the achievements and contributions that people of African and Caribbean descent have made in society. During this month and beyond we may reflect on black people’s struggles for freedom or equality, educate ourselves on the nation’s history and appreciate the diversity of black cultures.

We want to help students learn more about Black history and support you in getting involved. Over the next month, we will be hosting a variety of events as well as providing you with articles and information to help you learn more.

Have a look below to see the events we are running, FAQ’s and our recommended reads in our online Black History Month library!

Reading Material

We've partnered up with the Library to give you some cultural reading material to honour Black History Month. We've tried to cover a range of topics for you and even added some additional websites that provide further reading material for you! Enjoy!




  • October 8th - Toluwa Oyeleye Seminar – Am I Enough? A Discussion on Allyship
  • October 14th – Film Night - Weston Lecture Theatre - 7pm
  • October 16th - Spotify Party - Listen to a cultural playlist with your herd.  
  • October 19th - Cultural Cook Out Competition - Show us your cooking skills and tag HASU!
  • October 21st  – Film night - West Lecture Theatre - 7pm
  • October 28th - A Night of Culture - Jamaican cuisine and a quiz - SU Bar - 6pm. 

Black History Month Library

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  • Why is there a need for a Black History Month?
    Black History Month enables us to celebrate the great contribution Black people have made to society whilst also recognising their struggles for freedom and equality. We would love for everyone to be treated equally and to be given equal opportunities, but unfortunately, this isn’t currently the case. Therefore, having a month dedicated to Black history encourages education and promotes the appreciation and acceptance of diverse cultures whilst advancing the fight for equality.
  • How can I support Black History Month?
    There are lots of ways you can get involved! Whilst we are hosting multiple events over the course of the month, there are other ways you can show support and these don’t have to be limited to October either.

Take a look at our events calendar to see what events you can get involved in on campus. Our online Black History Month library is also a great resource for you to learn more. You can have a read about allyship and it’s importance, as well as attend our online seminar with Toluwa Oyeleye about how to be an ally.

Whether it’s appreciating the diversity of Black cultures, taking action to improve the representation of Black people in society or using resources to develop your own knowledge, there’s a way for you to show your support.