Got a passion? Found others that share it? Want the support, money and space to explore it? Then ask us about setting up your own brand-spanking new club or society.

Start something new

Starting your own Club or Society is easy, and a great adventure to be part of during your time at Harper, and really builds your CV! If you're looking to start your own Club / Society, follow the steps below, and if you've got any questions email Andy Jefferies on 

1) Find out who else shares your interests (Facebook groups are handy!)

2) Discuss your ideas, make sure you're on the same page

3) Drop Andy an email on to schedule a meeting

4) Organise your first meeting with prospective members

5) If successful, select Exec members to run the Club/Society

6) Execs undertake training with Andy 

7) Enjoy your new Club/Society!


What criteria does my New Student Group need to meet?

There are a number of different ways to help your Student Group will get approved but make sure to consider the following when coming up with your ideas:

  • Unique: Make sure that your clubs/society stands out from others that exist here. Clubs/Societies that are too similar to others will not be approved.
  • Community: Think about whether your club/society idea will create a sense of community within its members, what can you do to ensure that it will work as a group
  • Workload: Running a club/society is a fantastic way to build your CV but it can take up a lot of time. Make sure that you can balance it alongside your other commitments and that you have at least 2 other people that are happy to dedicate their time to be on the committee.