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Welcome Week social media competitions

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In the lead up to and throughout Welcome Week we will be running a series of social media competitions. These competitions will contribute towards the Harris Shield trophy. This trophy is an inter halls competition that runs each year during Welcome Week. During the course of Welcome Week there will be a number of opportunities within your herds to win points towards your overall halls score.  

The Scavenger Hunt on Wednesday 30th September is designed to be an opportunity filled with chances to win those all-important points. Whilst not only giving you a chance to discover the campus and find your way around, you can do this whilst winning points to help your halls chance of lifting the trophy (albeit virtually).  

To get points for Harris Shield all you need to do is whenever you post any photos for our social media challenges and the Scavenger Hunt, make sure you use the hashtag for the week, #HaveYouHerd. Winners will be announced on Sunday 4th October!




Preparing for University selfie 

16th Sept  

26th Sept 

Halls top selfie 

27th Sept  

30th Sept

Picture of your room/study space 

29th Sept 

4th Oct

Best cocktail photos 

27th Sept 

Same day 

Best beach outfit 

2nd October 

Same day 

Microwave meal magic 


4th Oct




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