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Meet the candidates


Below this text we have listed our candidates for the roles of SU President and SU Vice-President for the year 2023-24. Take a look at their manifestos through the link so you can make an informed decision on who you would like to vote for! 

Voting opens 9am on the 6th March. You can vote through the SU Elections tab on the Harper SU website.

SU President:

Ellie Mace - View my manifesto here - /pageassets/yoursu/elections/meetthecandidates/Ellie-Mace-Candidate-Manifesto.pdf

Emma Mayers - View my manifesto here - /pageassets/yoursu/elections/meetthecandidates/Emma-Mayers-Candidate-Manifesto-PDF.pdf

Joe Bramall - (Withdrawn Candidate)

R.O.N. - This stands for Re-Open Nominations.

SU Vice-President:

Tiffany Owen - View my manfesto here - /pageassets/yoursu/elections/meetthecandidates/Tiffany-Owen-Manifesto.pdf

Leigh Taylor - View my manifesto here - /pageassets/yoursu/elections/meetthecandidates/Leigh-Taylor-Candidate-Manifesto.pdf