Your SU

Meet The Officers

Students' Union President: Ellie Mace

 Ellie is the Students' Union President and is responsible for representing students in all deliberations on all aspects of university decision-making from Board of Governors to the Academic Board and everything between. Ellie also manages the SU Exec team, supporting them with their campaigns and events. In partnership with the Vice President, Ellie helps direct what events and entertainment students want on campus. Ellie has just finished her undergraduate degree in Veterinary Nursing, has been a student trustee and educational champion in her final year of study and has been a member of the netball club since her first year. Outside of work, Ellie enjoys keeping fit, getting outdoors and keeping her hand in the veterinary nursing profession.



Students' Union Vice President: Tiff Owen

Tiff is the Students' Union Vice President and is responsible for Course Tutor meetings and more of the student involvement activities. Tiff's role is more hands-on delivering activities in line with student wellness, wellbeing and engagement. Tiffany has been active member of the Harper Adams Conservation Society as well as a Course Representative for most of her academic years at Harper. Tiff joined the SU after completing her BSc (Hons) Applied Zoology degree during which she completed a year’s zoo keeping experience at Birmingham Wildlife Conservation Park. 

Tiffany is a social butterfly, always happy to make time for a chat and loves a good night out. She also enjoys binge watching Netflix, drawing and volunteering with animals in her spare time.