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Harper Forum: Good Health and Wellbeing

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Harper Forum: Good Health and Wellbeing

TITLE / PURPOSE: Harper Forum (Relaunch): Good Health and Wellbeing with OddBalls launch. Purpose is to bring some speakers from different industries/backgrounds to do a short talk/presentation on the importance of maintaining good health and wellbeing whether that be mentally or physically. A short panel discussion will follow that will allow students to ask questions of the speakers regarding their own experiences etc. These events are going to be thought provoking, inspiring, encouraging of debate and discussion where applicable, relevant, and engaging for all students to attend.


SPEAKERS: Tom York (Current student, Football Club President 22/23, FCN Ambassador); Graham Ashford (Farming Community Network Midlands Regional Officer), Joe Colclough (HASU Women’s Rugby Coach) and George Aspey (RVN, Veterinary Nursing Lecturer, AMTRA Course Lead and 2nd Year Course Tutor).


KEY TOPICS: Good Health and Wellbeing. Mental and physical challenges faced by students and people in the agricultural sector. Discussion on how challenges might be overcome with fitness and sport, asking for help and changing your mindset.