SU Exec Committee


Students Unions are one of the most democratic membership organisations in the UK. Every one of them has its own structure for debating ideas and campaigns and making decisions. They are all run by students who are elected by students – and everyone can have their say!

Here are Harper Adams SU, our democratic structure is called the SU Executive Committee. It comprises of the President and Vice President who are both full-time officers of the union, together with 10 student execs, taking on particular portfolios of work whilst also continuing their studies.

Our Executive Committee meets at least once a month and produces a policy which is created from issues affecting students. These can be to do with your student life, your university and your union. Our Committee works together to run campaigns to change things for the better of your student experience and the SU community to create awareness about issues which matter to YOU.


The SU Executive is made up of 13 elected individuals who represent all of the cohorts across the University, with the SU President acting as Chair of the SU Executive. This year's members of the SU Executive are listed below. You can click their role to view their role description or email them using the email address provided. 

Vacant Positions 

If you are interested in any vacant roles and would like to put yourself forward, please email

Ellie Mace Students' Union President
Tiff Owen Students' Union Vice President
Dominic Whittaker Academic Undergraduate Rep
Hannah Scott-Cook Academic Postgraduate Rep
Jamie Reynolds LGBTQ+ Rep
Mev Kiani Bame Student Rep
Elizabeth Walker Women's Rep
*currently empty* Sports & Societies Rep  
Heidi Craven Student Welfare Rep
*Currently empty* International Student Rep  
James Saunders
Shaznay Chardonnay
Tasha Brazier Commuter Student Rep
Remy Dimmock Disabled Student Rep      


Here at HASU, the actions that are made are dictated by Student Representatives that are elected by students and dictated on student-created policies. 

If you as a student want to see change for the better in your Union/University/community then we encourage you to write a motion and promote it to the SU Executive to be decided if it should be adopted as policy. A motion only becomes a policy when the SU Executive vote for it within one of the meetings. 
If a proposal becomes a policy then the Union takes that as a statement of belief on the organisation on the particular issue. These policies, then placed, can then instruct representatives to carry out tasks, such as running campaigns on a particular issue. 

Once a policy is made, it normally lasts for three years, and within that time the SU Executive Committee will review them. 

You can view current policies and motions including sabbatical and union council champions in the democratic policy tracking sheet HERE 


Before a policy is made, a policy proposal (motion) has to be made and submitted to the SU Executive Committee so that it can be reviewed and considered. Every student at Harper Adams University has the right to propose a motion. 

If you feel that you have a potential policy that will benefit the students and the University/Union then send a Motion in and see what happens. Who knows- it could make a big difference. If you want to write a motion by do not know how to write one, then click here.


When a policy has been approved, the SU Executive mandates and oversees the work on the policy; however the party that is responsible is the full time elected officer(s) that have been selected to ensure the policy is worked on or the Students Union Director. 


The majority of the time if you bring a motion on the day of the meeting and a decision on it will be decided there and then. However, if there is a lot to go through on the day then it is advised that the motion is to be submitted 5 days in advance by emailing: