SU Elections

Voting Open!


See the full HASU candidate pack here.


We exist for one reason: to make student life better at Harper Adams University. That’s where your Sabbatical Officers (President and Vice President) come in: students elected to represent your needs in a paid, full-time role for one year (either as a break in their studies or immediately after graduating) and lead on all aspects of how we are run. With elections season now underway, this is your chance to make sure your voice is heard, either as a candidate or by giving your vote in March.


Are you looking to work with the SU to improve your student experience post-pandemic? The elections are fast approaching and we're looking for a team of new SU executives!

Nominations will open on February 28th! Know someone that would be a good fit for the role of President and Vice President? You can recommend a friend here; 

Being a part of the SU Executive is an unmissable opportunity, so make sure you get involved! This is your chance, right now, to make changes across campus and change the history of Harper Adams.


Roles available;

  • President (paid full-time position- £21,686)
  • Vice President (paid full-time position- £21,686)
  • Entertainment Rep
  • Engagement Rep
  • Student Trustee (2 positions available)
  • Sports Rep
  • Societies Rep
  • Academic Undergraduate Rep
  • Academic Postgraduate Rep
  • RAG Chair
  • RAG Secretary
  • RAG Treasurer
  • RAG Press & Publicity
  • Equality & Diversity Rep


Whilst Harper Adams Students’ Union has a very liberal approach to the conduct of our elections, there are a few rules which ensure that the true spirit of the process is upheld and that the election(s) can be deemed fairly and properly conducted in accordance with our Constitution and accepted custom and practise. These are:

General Rules

1. For the purposes of these rules, ‘candidate’ includes any members of a campaign team.
2. No candidate shall cast, or attempt to cast a vote, or encourage another person to cast a vote on behalf of another.
3. Candidates must not state in publicity material of any kind that they or any of their policies/ideas have been endorsed by the Union, SU Executive Committee or any individual members of Union Staff.
4. Candidates will not bribe or attempt to bribe voters.
5. Candidates may not campaign within the vicinity of a voting station, so as to place undue pressure on those voting. Similarly, campaign materials may not be left at a voting station. This also applies to electronic voting, which includes any electronic device. For the avoidance of doubt, candidates should not be near any student who is casting any vote through any device or ballot station.
6. A three-strike system will be in use. Minor rules breaks will incur a strike. On the 3rd strike, a candidate will be disqualified from the election. A warning shall be given before the first strike. After this, no further warnings shall be given. For more serious offences other penalties may be given instead of/as well as a strike. For more serious offences the individual may be subject to HASU or Harper Adams University’s disciplinary procedures. All penalties are at the discretion of the Returning Officer and/or their deputy.
7. The DRO shall keep a complaints log and take appropriate action if a complaint is received. Complaints will not be accepted unless they are in writing and accompanied by the complainant’s name. This will be kept confidential only where appropriate (not anonymous).
8. Campaigning officially begins at 5pm on the day of Candidates Briefings.
9. All Candidates must attend the Candidates Briefing as stated in this pack.
10. The RO (or deputy RO) may alter these rules at their discretion to ensure a smooth election, whilst protecting the Unions’ reputation. Notification of changes shall be sent by email and candidates also be notified of changes at the daily briefing.
11. Candidates should be aware of the environmental impact that their campaign may have. These rules are designed to allow flexibility and creativity, however, forms of campaigning may be banned at any time should they be deemed to get excessive e.g. too much use of paper.