Educational Champions


Who is your Educational Champion?

Below you will find the name of the Educational Champion (EC) who represents your course and year. 

Your EC can help! They are responsible for maintaining communication between you, the Students' Union, and the relevant academic staff. Your voice should be heard! 

If you don't know your EC personally, you can use Microsoft Contacts (in your Outlook or Teams) to find their email. Let them know what the issue is and whether you'd like to be identified. 

BSc Yr 1 Annabelle Philp
  Ollie Glover
  Pippa Phillips
BSc Yr 2 Alice Bothwell
  Kaetlin Padgett
  Victoria Carter
  Elen Rudolph


BSc Yr3

Kate McKeand


Charlie Gamble


BSc Yr 4 Charlotte Cook
  Harry Parsons
  Molly Bampton
  Millie Barfoot
FDSc Yr 1 Rosie Board
  Will Lovatt

Bekah Geary

  Rebekah Nicholl

Murray Parsons

FDSc Yr2

Holly Miller
FDSc Yr 3  Edward Wardroper
FDSc Yr 4 Caitlin Townley-Birkett



1st Year Emily Chapple
  Lise Taylor
  Beth Kavanagh
  Chloe Edwards
2nd Year Kathryn McKay
  Frankie Gosling
  Angelica Cuenca Toala
  Emilia Klejna
  Emily Nation
  Amie Frost
  Sophie Howard
  Gabby Idzi
3rd Year Umeed Mirza
  Bethan Barrett
Final Year Harry Bull
  Alice Powell
  Isla Andrews
  Jack Thatcher
  Mollie Kelly

Applied Zoology


Yr 1  Frederick Day
  Niamh Cooke
  Dom Clifford
2nd Year  Keira Venables
  Matthew England
3rd Year Toby Price
  Flick Byrne 
Final Year Lucy Arron
  Laura Castano Martinez
  Jess Jones
  Paris Soest
Beijing University of Agriculture Courses


Ye Yitong
  Tiffany Li
  Nancy Yang
  Lilian Li 

Business, Agri-Food Marketing and Agri-Business


1st Year Oscar Cadwallader
  Ned Meredith
  Em Cornes
  Julian Taylor
  Kian Evison
  Alfie Pitt
  Thomas Phipps
2nd Year Sian Teleri Jones
  Tim Halton
  Matthew Ashford
  Nerys Parry
  Esme Hall

Zoe Legg


Final Year Elizabeth (Betty) Walker
  Millie McAvoy-Jones
  Kim Stearman
  Lucy May Ferrigno
  Georgina Harrison
  Caroline Hartley
  Niamh McGrath
1st Year Elliot Petch
  Josh Tapner
  Ollie Morley
  Callum Hurson
2nd Year Matthew Carlisle
  James Pickup
  Anna Schoemaecker
4th Year Daisy Douglas

5th Year

Rhodri Williams

Environment, Sustainability, and Wildlife 


1st Year Josie Harman
  Amy Tanner
2nd Year Alan Maude
  Alfie Rumsey
3rd Year Tom Langham
Final Year Amy Barnacle
  Amy Harley
Extended Foundation  
  Rae Jones 
  Louise Dixon
  Fenrir Dower
  Zed Esmail
  Chloe Bullock
  Eadie Hall
  Sophia Taylor
  Amel Rodionova
  Vishein Pathirana
  Sam Appleby
  Luke Jean
  Harry Finch
Food Technology and Innovation  
1st Year Ally Shaw
  Charlotte Kerrigan
2nd Year Max Tennant
  Danni Briggsthomas
  Emily Brown
Final Year Georgina Pitts 
  Catrin Davies
1st Year Amy Willis
  Bethan Gummow
  Jessica Walker
  Scott Carter
2nd Year Will Matthews
  Ben Ainsworth
  Katie Jackson
  Dom Whittiker
3rd Year Liv Addison-Carter
  Alice Balchin
Final Year Georgie Lee
  Louis Green
  Josh Kitto
  Dara Hunter Blair
Vet Nursing  
1st Year Esme Penton
  Ruby Marques
  Rowan Lewin
  Alicia Viola
  Rachel Cambell
2nd Year  
  Abigail Maxim
  Leonie Ward
3rd Year Charlie Pickett
  Ellie Coles
Year 4 Lizzie Hughes
  Rebecca Dawes

Vet Physio


1st Year Beatrice Bonsey
  Ed Sene 
2nd Year Alex Jolly
  Mia Roche 
3rd Year Eleanor Jaques
  Sophie Desbarats
Final Year Florence Collins
  Emma Lankester