Course Reps


Course Representation

Every course across Harper Adams has an Educational Champion (formerly known as a Course Rep). These Champions represent student views to the staff in your course and ultimately to the wider university community. The role of Educational Champion (EC) is voluntary and an important component of academic representation.

Your educational experiences and opinions are important and you deserve the chance to speak your mind and have your voice heard. Contact us if you would like to volunteer as an Educational Champion. Alternatively, you can contact us to request the name and email address of your course representative.

What we offer our Student Educational Champions:


·A chance to influence the direction of the university through your feedback and observations.

·Opportunities to know about new ideas and project at the earliest stage.

· Valuable experience for your CV with hands-on evidence of the skills you have developed.

·First refusal to be employed on small-scale educational projects as a project officer, researcher or as an expert advisor.

If you would like to be an Educational Champion, or to request the name of your current representative, please email: