About Us



Welcome to your Students' Union, run by our students, for our students! We’re here to represent your views and interests, providing you with a community away from home.

University is an extraordinary experience. A place where you meet new friends, some of whom become friends for life, a place full of great opportunities and activities, and lots of socializing. That’s why our number one priority is to make your university life as enjoyable as possible.

HASU is one of the main foundations of the university, creating a united student body to create a wide range of sports, activities, and events throughout the year from your Wednesday nights in the SU Bar, Summer Ball, Paddy’s Ball to arts & crafts, dog walking and even cooking classes.

The union also offers you a wide range of sports and societies, including Rugby, Football, Equestrian, and Clay Pigeon Shooting to name a few.

Where your money goes

HASU is responsible for organising all the events across campus from the SU nights in the Bar to the day-to-day activities.

Over the years, the student union has been able to help improve the facilities across the university campus, including the installation of a free cash machine on campus, an extension to the student bar helping us increase capacity on Wednesday nights and balls. Our student union strives to achieve continuous improvements to benefit your student life at Harper Adams.

What we do for you

The SU is one of the main foundations of the university, it enables the student voice to be heard and creates a united student body. The union offers a wide range of activities and events throughout the year, including Christmas ball, hobgoblins, Wednesday nights, arts & crafts, dog walking, cooking classes etc. To see a full list of events and activities, visit our events page here!

The union also offers a wide range of sports and societies, such as rugby, equestrian, football, clay pigeon shooting, with a number of teams, this allows people of all abilities to participate regularly in BUCS fixtures. Alongside the traditional sports, the SU aims to help fund the societies at Harper, such as Harper Ireland, HOPS, gaming and more. By getting involved with C&S, this gives individuals the opportunity to try new things and meet new people. To see a full list of clubs and societies, visit our C&S page here!

With regard to the academic side of student life, weekly meetings take place between the SU and the academic standards committee in order to voice student opinions in hopes to create a better learning environment. If you have any academic issues please pop up and we will try our best to help you!