Student Voice Report


Towards the end of Term Two, the Students’ Union opened up the second student voice survey for the 2021/22 academic period. This survey was intended to gather further demographic details of students…, strategic feedback to help with drafting our Union strategy, and importantly gain an understanding of campaign topics students would like us to look into. A total of 423 students completed the survey; their results were then analysed using both quantitative and qualitative analysis.


Executive Summary

The key information in this survey has been drawn from a combination of quantitative and qualitative data, which has been analysed and themes identified in qualitative data.


Online Study

Students were generally positive about online study although raised concerns around the consistency in the delivery between modules. There were clear positives of online study such as greater flexibility and the recording of lectures enabling students to revisit teaching material and the ability to go at their own pace. HASU is in discussions with the University on its work in embedding lecture recording equipment in lecture theatres.


Face to Face Study

Students were generally grateful for an increase in face to face study and strongly value the practical elements of their study to reinforce the material they are being taught. Students would like to see lectures being recorded now the majority are carried out face to face; this information has been fed into the LTSEC committee.


Students’ Union Strategic Planning

The feedback on this section has shown the interests and values of students, which will now be embedded into our strategic planning. Students highlighted that they wanted to see HASU focus its time and resources on increasing the number of opportunities for students to make friends, having their needs and views represented to the University and introducing ‘just for fun’ sports. It also highlighted that students wanted HASU to continue the work it does to run balls and special events as well or weekly nightlife activity.


In light of the one year anniversary of the Respect Policy (a joint piece of work between the Students’ Union and the University), we asked students what respect meant to them, with a strong emphasis on listening, fairness and equal opportunities. Most feel they can be themselves at University, however, they don’t feel others can, which certainly needs addressing. This data will be fed into the work the Union and University is doing as part of the review of the Respect Policy.


General Students’ Union Feedback

Questions in the final section related to campaigns (a mixed bag of results from sustainability, to supporting farms and fundraising) what students would like to see the Union organise such as trips and fundraising opportunities, as well as looking at what events or activities are demanded in the venues such as karaoke and pool tournaments. This feedback is being used to help us plan our activities for 2022/23 as well as to build our strategic plan.



Executive Conclusion

From the feedback received from students, it should be recognised that they:

  1. Are keen to keep some elements from online teaching such as recorded lectures
  2. Value practical sessions highly, although would like to have more trips.
  3. Would like a variety of events throughout the year, such as sports, fundraising activities, and non-alcohol/reduced-alcohol events.
  4. Want to see value for money at events

These findings have been shared with the Learning, Teaching, and Student Experience Committee (LTSEC) and other key members of staff. HASU will continue to work with the University to ensure steps are taken to make changes across the campus. The Students’ Union will continue to work on the Union’s strategy, which aims to work in harmony with the University’s strategy and vision for the future.

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