Student Voice

Representation is at the heart of what we do as your Students' Union, and what you have to say can make a huge impact on your student experience.


There are a number of ways you can have your voice heard whilst at Harper, from campaigning with your Educational Champion to filling out our Student Voice Surveys.

Our Student Voice Coordinator works alongside the University to help you get the most out of your student experience and to ensure that all of your feedback and suggestions are heard and acted upon across campus.

If you're not happy with something at the University and have an idea on what changes need to be made, then get in touch with us!



Student Voice Priority
Postgrad students and mature undergraduate students have communicated a need for greater community on campus.

We will continue collaborating with our postgrad Student Executive to design activities specifically for mature student groups.

Mature undergraduate students score lower on all mental health/wellbeing measures than the average undergraduate. We will explore the possibility of adding an elected Mature Student Executive for the upcoming academic year.
There is a positive relationship between participating in SU activities, clubs, and societies, and the mental health of our students.

The SU has developed a range of new societies in conjunction with student leaders. We are committed to developing additional opportunities and reviewing our prices to ensure activities are accessible and sustainable.

We will continue to investigate how HASU can increase new activities for the growing diversity of student interests and work with the University where applicable.

There is a widening gap between the feelings of safety and community amongst heterosexual students and LGBTQ+ students. We will work with the university, the LGBTQ+ Society, and our LGBTQ+ Student Representative, to create new strategies that build positivity among the LGBTQ+ community.
Students have communicated a need for additional plug sockets in lecture theatres. We will continue lobbying for the university to invest in the infrastructure of the university by providing the plug sockets necessary for effective learning.
Students continue to report the need for additional social and informal learning space. We will continue to lobby the university to invest in more fit-for-purpose spaces on campus, including a renovation of the ground floor Faccenda (the ‘SU hub’).