Student Voice Report 22-23

Student Voice Report - Term 1

Toward the end of Term One, the Students’ Union opened up the year’s first student voice survey.

The aim of the survey was two-fold. We hoped firstly to find ways to better represent our students academically by gathering insights on their academic needs. Secondly, we asked questions about our clubs, societies, venues, and events in order to tailor future strategies to the social/recreational needs of our student body.

A total of 799 students completed the survey. The results were analysed using both quantitative and qualitative analysis.

The full report can be found (here)

Executive Summary

From the feedback received from students, it should be recognised that:

Key Finding


Students find recorded lectures to be a vital study aid to supplement face-to-face lectures but there is inconsistency in regards to access and quality.

HASU will recommend at LTSEC that the university work toward an environment in which high quality recordings are always available to students.


Harper students have been financially and mentally impacted by the cost-of-living crisis.

HASU will approach senior university leaders and recommend that a committee be created to strategize meaningful ways to mitigate the financial impact to students.


We conclude that more work is needed in efforts to create an inclusive campus with BAME and LGBT+ students. These communities rated feelings of safety significantly lower than other student groups. These groups also scored lower on “a sense of belonging.”

The SU will work with our elected Student Executives, especially the BAME Rep, and LGBT+ Rep, to create events and opportunities for these communities. We will work with our representatives to curate specific events for these student communities.


Despite a growing number of positive responses (54%), 37% of our student body are unclear as to whether the SU represents their academic interests.

HASU will redouble our efforts to inform students of the work being done to represent them, and look for more ways to support students’ academic interests.


Our students are concerned with value for money in and around HASU extracurricular and commercial provisions. 


HASU is committed to keeping its pricing strategy under constant review.


HASU will continue to work with our student leaders within clubs and societies to ensure they are adequately resourced. This is to ensure that costs associated with running activities aren’t totally bourn by students and continue to be subsidised by the union’s commercial activity.