Student Voice Report 22-23

Student Voice Report - Term 1

Toward the end of Term One, the Students’ Union opened up the year’s first student voice survey.

The aim of the survey was two-fold. We hoped firstly to find ways to better represent our students academically by gathering insights on their academic needs. Secondly, we asked questions about our clubs, societies, venues, and events in order to tailor future strategies to the social/recreational needs of our student body.

A total of 799 students completed the survey. The results were analysed using both quantitative and qualitative analysis.

The full report can be found (here)

Student Voice Report - Term 2

Our Student Survey Two for the academic year 2022/2023 continued to monitor key themes and track satisfaction. The survey followed up on key issues arising from Student Survey 1, and asked questions on new topics brought to our attention by Education Champions. The first survey indicated alarming results related to cost of living and mental health, therefore we asked additional questions in these important areas.
We also asked students about timetabling difficulties and lack of attendance to investigate whether student issues that have come to our attention are isolated or indicative of larger problems. Similarly, we included a section on campus space to see if observed problems with social and informal learning spaces are supported by data.
Finally, although sample sizes were limited, we also analysed the responses of our mature students, commuter students, LGBTQ+ students, and BAME students in search of statistically significant trends within these groups. The survey received 567 responses to a total of 66 questions. This response was lower than last year’s 799, but is still a healthy 22% sample size of Harper’s 2,600 students on undergraduate and postgraduate awards.

The full report can be found (here).