Student Voice Report 20-21

Term 2 Student Voice Report: Online Educational Experience.

This report is the second Student Voice Report produced by the Students’ Union and follows on from the recommendations made in the first report. The basis of this report is to summarise the findings of the second SU Student Voice Survey in order to evaluate the student experience of online learning and formulate further recommendations. The aim of this is to ensure that students at Harper Adams University continue to be provided with high quality teaching and that the university adapts to dynamic student feedback.

Read the full report HERE.

Term 1 Student Voice Report: Online Educational Experience.

This Student Voice Report presents our work since the end of teaching in term two of the 2019/2020 academic year. This report marks the culmination of our student feedback regarding their experiences during the last term of the academic year.

The report examines the issues which have been negatively, and positively impacting the higher education experience of students at Harper Adams University. The report concentrates on the experiences of students through online delivery and alternative assessments, whilst discussing the various ways we engaged with the student community. You can read the full Student Voice Report by clicking HERE and see our proposed reccommendations for the year ahead.