Student Voice Report 23-24


The HASU Student Survey 1, 2023/2024 received 874 responses. This is a 9.5% increase from last year.

A stronger response rate from our underrepresented groups compared to 22/23 demonstrates the hard work of our Student Executives to promote HASU voice work among their community.

This survey has a strong focus on underrepresented groups in part to assist our Executives in their campaign planning. With greater knowledge of their communities, Executives can plan a campaign based on the needs of their group.

There is also a strong focus on mental health and belonging.

SU Student Executives were consulted in the creation of the survey and their suggestions were incorporated. All analysis is conducted via Survey Monkey using the inbuilt filtering tools and results are then sent to university colleagues to confirm statistical significance.

The second 2023/2024 survey will be sent to students at the end of March and will focus on SU events and venues. We welcome student suggestions for this survey. Please email them to or pop into the SU office with your thoughts.