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1.1 Where the context so admits, the following expressions shall have meanings ascribed to them hereunder – that is to say:

A. "HAU" shall mean Harper Adams University as an establishment.
B. "HAUSU" shall mean the Students’ Union of Harper Adams University as an organisation.
C. "SU" shall mean Students’ Union.
D. "The Customer" shall mean the individual that uses any part of or feature within the website and therefore agrees to these terms.


2.1 When making a purchase from or via HAUSU for any product, including joining clubs and societies (membership fees), payments will be processed through Sage Pay, a division of Sage (UK) Ltd, and Lloyds TSB   Ltd. Merchant Services. All payments are made to Harper Adams Students' Union and will appear on the customer’s bill as "Harper Adams Student".

2.2 HAUSU does not store credit card details and uses industry standard SSL encryption to ensure the safety of the customer’s data.

2.3 All payments are made in a live environment, upon clicking 'Pay Now' the customer’s credit or debit card will be billed with the agreed amount and the order will be immediately processed.

2.4 Once an order has been completed the customer will receive a confirmation email from noreply@harper-adams.ac.uk. This can additionally be viewed at a  later date by viewing the 'Purchase History' section of the website account section.

2.5 These terms shall be governed by English law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English Courts. Nothing in these terms shall exclude liability for fraudulent misrepresentation.


3.1 General Terms & Conditions

3.1.1 HAUSU operates a completely electronic ticketing system. All tickets purchased online are assigned to your personal account and then accessed on the door by swiping your University card. You can check your purchase history at any time by logging into the SU website and clicking on the relevant section of the ‘Your Profile & Account’ link at the top of the screen.

3.1.2   Members of the General Public/Guests: Entry restrictions apply and all regular events are open to HAUSU + Guests only unless specifically noted on the event page.  Please note that we do not issue physical tickets for events at the SU. Your tickets are assigned to your personal account and then accessed at the door by quoting either your name or reference number (as noted on the confirmation e-mail you should receive after completing your purchase. Under-18s

IMPORTANT! Under no circumstances will anyone under the age of eighteen years of age be admitted to an event excepting those who are registered students of the University for whom special provision has been made.           

3.1.3 Admission to student and guest only events is only permitted before 23:00 unless otherwise stated. Admission may be subject to advance registration for certain events.

3.1.4 Students must bring their HAU ID Card to every event they wish to attend.

3.1.5 It is the individual student’s responsibility for ensuring their card is in full working order (Replacements may be gained from Student Services).

3.1.6 Photo ID IMPORTANT! All members of the public and guests to HAUSU events must provide photo ID to gain entry. Acceptable forms of photo ID include passport, driving licence, valid student card.

3.1.7 Re-admission is not permitted without the appropriate wristband unless approval from the Bar Manager or Night Steward has been granted.

3.1.8 Right of admission is reserved by the venue management.

3.1.9 Student Cards are not transferable- you cannot lend your card to anyone else.

3.2 Refunds

3.2.1 All tickets are non-refundable and non-transferrable unless a condition is met as set out by 3.2.2.

All sales are final and refunds are not available on tickets once they have been purchased (including duplicates or purchases made in error, tickets bought for the wrong event or non-attendance due to illness or injury). Please note that this is standard practice at every entertainments venue in the UK. Purchase in error is not a valid reason for a refund. Non-attendance due to injury, illness or other is not a valid reason for a refund without evidence in the form of a medical certificate. Refunds will be at the discretion of the management of the Students’ Union. Misbehaviour either in the Venue or on campus resulting in a bar ban or ejection from the venue is not a valid reason for a refund.

3.2.2 The following conditions and circumstances are an exhaustive list of  situations that may trigger refunds to all or certain members of the guest list if the management deems suitable: The entire event has been cancelled by HAU or HAUSU. The event has been cancelled whilst in progress. The main performing artist has cancelled or the event altered for reasons beyond our control, but the event has still taken place. For events with multiple headline artists, HAUSU management reserves the right to change the billing as a result of external circumstances. The event has sold out, and there are people waiting for extra tickets. In this instance, refunds may be given, and the tickets then resold to people on the waiting list once the re-sale money has been received.

3.2.3 In all instances management’s decision is final, based on the individual circumstances.

3.3 Transfer Policy

3.3.1 All tickets purchased for HAUSU events are non-transferrable – they are assigned exclusively to an account and cannot be moved to that of another person. Please note: do not buy, sell or trade tickets as they will not be valid. Only tickets which have been purchased by the person trying to gain admittance to an event will be valid.

3.4 Physical Ticket Replacements

3.4.1 Where physical tickets/wristbands are issued - from the point of sale the safeguarding of the said ticket is the responsibility of the owner.

3.4.2 Replacement tickets will not be issued in the event of their loss or damage.

3.4.3 A new ticket must be bought to gain entry to the event.


4.1 By purchasing any product from the HAUSU website, the customer agrees to the following Terms & Conditions:

4.1.1 Purchase Each item will be purchased at the states price. This price does not include postage and packing. Any requests for items to be posted out will be dealt with on an individual basis and the customer will be required to pay the relevant postage and packing charge before the item is dispatched.

A receipt email will be sent upon completion of any order. Any errors with this receipt must be reported immediately to StudentsUnion@harper-adams.ac.uk Failure to advise HAUSU of any errors on receipts within 24 hours of receipt of the confirmation will result in full liability for the full cost of the item.

4.1.2 Postage Any existing options and charges for postage and packaging will be displayed at the point of sale.

4.1.3 Returns & Refunds If there is a genuine reason for to returning an item - an email must be sent to: StudentsUnion@harper-adams.ac.uk  including - reasons for returning and a transaction number (found on e-receipt). Items must be returned in a new condition and in the original packaging. The customer must pay for the cost of the return. The item must be sent by recorded delivery. HAUSU will not accept returns in the following cases: The item has been worn (unless there is a provable quality issue). The item has been proved to be deliberately damaged. The item has the incorrect personalisation details unless the error is deemed to be ours we will replace the item at no extra cost. We will keep details of the personalisation that you requested. Liability for the correct spelling of names etc. rests with you. The item doesn’t fit The item is the wrong colour The item is unwanted All refunds will be issued by HAUSU. In the event of an item being returned due to quality issues we will take this up with our supplier and advise the customer of the outcome.


5.1 Acceptable Use Policy

5.1.1 This Acceptable Use Policy is intended to help create an atmosphere in which freedom of speech is balanced by self-discipline and a mature attitude to discussion.

5.1.2 By virtue of participation in the website features and forums, the customer is deemed to have agreed to abide by the rules. HAUSU reserve the right to remove items submitted that are deemed by HAUSU to be inappropriate for public display.

5.2 Personal Identification

5.2.1 All messages sent to a discussion will require a username and password, chosen at the time of registration.

5.2.2 If a customer is found to be representing him or herself as another, they will be liable to the HAUSU disciplinary procedure.

5.3 Use of Language

5.3.1 Messages should not be malicious or designed to offend. Bullying in any form will not be tolerated.

5.3.2 By participating in any discussion, the customer undertakes to indemnify HAU, HAUSU and any associated body, organisation or individual against any liability arising from any obscene, defamatory, seditious, blasphemous or   other actionable statement published by the customer on this site and against all damages, losses, claims and costs (including without limitation fines and expenses arising out of or incurred in conducting or defending any proceedings) arising from any such actionable statements.

5.4 Conduct of Discussion

5.4.1 The Discussion Forum is intended primarily for topics relating to HAUSU and for the discussion of items of membership interest.

5.4.2  Any post should be within the scope of the subject under discussion.

5.4.3 If a contribution is made that is deemed by HAUSU as inappropriate to the subject under discussion, the customer may be directed by the Moderator or face disciplinary action.

5.4.4 No reference should be made to the personality of other participants in a discussion nor should attacks be made on an individual's character unless the person concerned has already chosen to bring his or her personality into the issue under discussion.

5.4.5 One-to-one arguments, disagreements and disputes of a personal nature must be conducted through private Email and not through public discussion.

5.4.6 By participating in a discussion, the customer undertakes to indemnify HAU, HAUSU and any associated body, organisation or individual against any liability arising from any breach of confidentiality, copyright or other intellectual property right published by the customer on this site and against all damages, losses, claims and costs (including without limitation all expenses incurred in conducting or defending any proceedings) arising from any such publication.   Statements must not be made that are libellous, obscene, seek to incite racial hatred or otherwise break the laws of the United Kingdom.

5.5 Private Email

5.5.1 If a person has sent a private e-mail, it may not be forwarded to a public discussion group without the prior consent of the person who sent it unless the email is forwarded to an administrator.

5.5.2 Any contact information that may be granted access to on the site should remain within it and not used for any other external emailing purposes.

5.5.3 Any unauthorised attempt to extract or expose personal information for use outside of the website will result in banning of use of the website and exposure to the disciplinary procedure.

5.6 Complaints about a Breach of these Rules

5.6.1 Complaints about a breach of these Rules should only be made by private e-mail to the Students’ Union President.

5.6.2 The HAU administrators will take timely and appropriate action with regard to the complaint.

5.7 Deliberate Abuse and/or Misuse of the Portal

5.7.1 Any attempt to circumvent or manipulate access rights to the website will be treated as a disciplinary offence and treated in accordance with HAUSU’s disciplinary procedures.

5.7.2   Access to this site is granted to an individual and login details should be treated as strictly private and confidential.

5.7.3 It is a disciplinary offence to share access details with other users.

5.7.4 Should the customer-suspect that the account is being used by another person, the customer should change his/her password immediately and contact the SU Support Officer.


6.1 Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information displayed on this site no warranty or representation is given as to its quality, accuracy or completeness. It is the responsibility of the user to judge the accuracy of information before relying on it in any way.

6.2 HAUSU will accept no responsibility for any loss or damage of whatever nature arising out of the use of, or inability to use, this site, or from any error or omission in information contained in the site.

6.3 HAUSU Union reserves the right to amend or otherwise alter the information displayed on this site.

6.4 Whilst every effort is made to ensure this site provides a safe environment for all visitors, the dynamic and open nature of areas such as the discussion forums and noticeboards prevent the SU from monitoring all content posted here. Content of a questionable nature can be reported to the Website Manager in the first instance.

6.5 Any links to other websites provided by this website have been included for convenience only and HAUSU accepts neither responsibility nor liability for  the contents of any linked website.

6.6 The inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement by HAUSU of any linked website or its provider.

6.7 Copyright in the content of the site and HAUSU trademarks logos and brands contained in the site belong to HAUSU.

6.8 Users are permitted to download and store (on a temporary basis) any of the contents of this site provided this is solely to view such contents using a personal computer.

6.9 Users are forbidden to permanently copy or store or in any way redistribute the contents of this site unless explicitly authorised to do so.


7.1 All student gym memberships are sold on the basis of an academic year except where otherwise stated. All student gym memberships will expire on August 31st of each year unless otherwise stated.

7.2 University staff members are also able to take advantage of our gym facilities and are able to purchase a 12 month gym membership.   

7.3 Should you fail to pay any amount due following the purchase of gym membership for a period of more than 14 days, you will be denied access to the facilities until the amount due has been paid in full.  Appropriate steps will be taken by HASU to recover any outstanding amounts owed for the remaining term of membership up to 12 months. 

7.4 Membership may only be cancelled or refunded under the circumstances listed below. 

  1. You leave the University. (Note: this excludes where departure has been due to disciplinary sanctions or processes or where conduct has been a key factor)

  2. You can no longer attend due to illness, injury or medical condition which in the opinion of a suitably qualified medical practitioner, prohibits exercise for 3 months or longer.

  3. You can demonstrate that your financial circumstances have changed to the extent that you can no longer reasonably afford to make payment.  

Refunds under 7.4 will be at the discretion of the management of the Students’ Union.

7.5 Where we are unable to provide the gym facilities for an extended period of more than 30 days, HASU will seek to provide fair refunds or will suspend collection of further income.

7.6 Management reserves the right to issue refunds in exceptional circumstances

7.7 Refunds will be provided if requested within the first 14 days of purchase part of a cooling off period.


8.1  The Students' Union offer all students the right to a refund within 14 days of purchasing a sports club or society membership. After 14 days of purchasing a sports membership, you are added to the HASU personal accident insurance package with our provider Endsleigh.

All purchases are final and no refunds outside of this window will be accepted. Unless one of the following conditions are met;

The following conditions and circumstances are an exhaustive list of situations that may trigger refunds for all or part of your membership cost if the management of the SU deems it suitable:

The entire season/club/society has been cancelled by HASU through no fault of the club or society.

  • A student is no longer an active student with HAU.
  • A student is postponing their year of study.
  • Medical reasons as proven by doctors note.

In all instances management's decision is final, based on the individual circumstances.