Course Committees


Course Committees are meetings in which staff members from a course team get together with Course Representatives, an SU Representative and other key members of staff such as from the library. These meetings are held in every course area and occur once a term. They provide a valuable opportunity for course teams to hear from students about how they are finding their studies and for students to hear about how their feedback has been acted upon. 

The Course Representatives for your course will be invited to attend these meetings and will be provided with an agenda and any papers in advance of the meeting. This allows Course Representatives to ask other students for their thoughts and feedback before-hand. 

Student feedback is always welcome at Course Committees. If you have an an issue (or something positive!) that you would like to be shared at a Course Committee, get in touch with your Course Representative so they can raise it on your behalf. If the matter you want to raise is more urgent, we would always advise that you get in touch with your course or module tutor directly rather than waiting until a Course Committee is due.