Firearm Registration

Below are a variety of online forms that can be used to contact us for specific reasons.

Firearm Registration

You can apply for storage on campus by following the Jotform link below. Please be aware that unless you receive written permission from the Students’ Union Director and University head of Security then you are not permitted to bring a firearm onto campus. Any students bringing unauthorised firearms onto campus will be reported to the police and removed from campus.


Regulations for shotguns on campus

PLEASE NOTE: If you do not receive notification of approval, do not bring your shotgun onto campus under any circumstances. Individuals bringing non-approved shotguns onto campus will be reported to the police.

It is against University Regulations to store shotguns in halls of residence, at any time. Shotguns can only be signed in and out with a shooting club exec present, and licenses must always be presented. A photocopy must be given for the record.

Any potentially dangerous items such as hunting knives, weaponry, paintball guns or crossbows of any type must not be brought onto the University campus under any circumstances. If any students are caught in possession of such items it will result in serious disciplinary action.

  • Students can only bring approved shotguns with them, once approved.
  • Students are encouraged to bring only one firearm. Additional firearms will depend on space available. Only authorised firearms are permitted on campus
  • Cartridges are strictly forbidden on university grounds.
  • Anyone found to be storing a shotgun or cartridges in their room will face serious disciplinary action and reported to the police.
  • It is the students' duty to inform their local authority of the change in storage location of their shotgun.

Please complete the application form to apply for shotgun storage.