With the release of yesterday’s (3rd July 2019) national benchmark for teaching excellence and academic interests, it is clear that the results of the National Student Survey (NSS) are pivotal in understanding the student academic experience throughout a degree programme.

Every year, final year students answer 27 questions, which rate not only the teaching they have received, but also the impact we, as a Union, have had upon your academic interests.


This year, we are delighted to see that we are in line with the sector average in representing you, with 56% of students saying we effectively represent your academic interests. This illustrates the fantastic work undertaken this year by our academic reps, who have taken key issues, such as assignment feedback deadlines being missed, to the highest University academic board for review, as well as tackling academic issues that matter to you - whether that be timetabling, more social study space or assessment submission.


We would also like to congratulate the University on their great result, with students having rated their overall satisfaction at 90%, an increase of one percent on last year’s result, and sitting at 7% above the sector average. This means Harper Adams University is joint first in England and joint third in the UK for student satisfaction.


“The National Student Survey can be a useful tool for gauging student opinion on various aspects of their university experience, including that of their students’ union,” current President Dan Jervis, said in light of the news. “I’m really pleased to see students agreeing that we represent their academic interests. But we still have a lot more work to do. Next year HASU will be taking a more proactive stance in trying to make further improvements and speaking to all of our students about how we can further represent their academic interests”.

Reflecting on the results, our VP of Inclusion and Engagement, Rosy Louis, said, “Although the NSS doesn’t reflect 100% on student life, clubs/societies and other work the students’ union undertakes, these results are a positive step for both the Union and the University. I look forward to working with our new President and Union Director to really make a difference next year”.


While the results are positive, our work certainly doesn’t stop there. Following our review of the NSS results and individual comments made by students, we will be engaging with you all in new and exciting ways next year. We aim to start embedding academic representation into campus life, and to make sure all key academic issues that students encounter are put to the University and resolved as quickly as possible, ensuring that our Students’ Executive next year are trained and supported appropriately, so they can continue representing students at Harper Adams effectively.