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The Role

  • Representing students and ensuring the student's voice is effectively heard.
  • Contributing to the development of the Union strategy.
  • Upholding the SU democratic system and ensuring student demographics and interests are recognised and reflected.
  • Generating and overseeing the SU events programme and commercial activity.
  • Overseeing and supporting Clubs and Societies.
  • Chairs the Trustee Board and SU Executive Committee as well as sitting on a number of other university committees.
  • Member of the University Board of Governors.

About Jess

I have recently finished studying my MSc degree in International Agri-business and Food Chain Management (2022) and a BSc (Hons) degree in Geography and Environmental Management (2021) both at Harper, and I am looking forward to being able to put my 6 years of Harper Experiences to use! Whilst studying I represented students as a course representative, as well as being an elected exec both for the Polo Club and the Land Management Society so I have plenty of experience representing the students views and opinions.

Outside of Harper my interests lay in all things outdoorsy, from helping on the family farm, eventing (now turned polo), conservation and a general lover of all things Rugby – Go Saints! As well as loving to get out and about I like to spend my spare time with my head in a book or trying out new recipes in the kitchen. I grew up in a rural community and was heavily involved in Young Farmers back in Northamptonshire, including being my Club Secretary for a year.


Why did I run

I ran for President because my time at Harper has been some of the best years (which is why I have stuck around for so long!), and I want to ensure that the incoming students have the same experience as I did. Being able to be part of the reason students have enjoyed their time at Harper will be really rewarding. When I ran for President I used a motto of “Keeping traditions alive whilst still moving forward”, and I really believe that Harper’s unique position in the University sector is part of what makes it so great, as well as the opportunities we have to develop and grow the university to fully represent the diverse range of students we now have at Harper.

Part of these aims will be to reintroduce old traditions such as the ploughing match or tractor pull, whilst also promoting less drink focused social activities that focus on inclusivity. Monthly ‘Inspire’ sessions are part of our inclusivity aims to bring in inspirational speakers from all backgrounds, and of course making sure that we represent student views, such as Backing British Agriculture.


Why I love Harper

Some of the reasons love Harper are:

  1. The family community that runs throughout Harper; everyone knows everyone and are always quick to look after one another. You’ll make friends for life at Harper.
  2. Being able to know your lecturers more personally; you don’t have to be a trouble maker for you lecturers to know you, and they offer that personal support because of this.
  3. The rural values; coming to Harper was less daunting because I knew I was entering an environment that shared the same rural views as myself and would be there to support my voice and opinions.
  4. The SU events; over the last 6 years at Harper there has been some amazing events, where I have just been able to let my hair down and enjoy a boogie with friends!


Advice to new students

My main advice this year would to get involved, whether that be in Clubs and Societies (joining or starting your own!), Student Voice or the events. Your university experience should be as much about the times you enjoyed yourself as it is about gaining your degree. And remember to come and speak to your SU if you have any issues, ideas or just want to talk about the Union! Ensuring you enjoy yourselves here Is a priority!


Talk to me about…

I am always open and about to talk to Students about anything to do with their student life, especially if they feel that their experience is being affected in some way. My main priority as your SU President is to ensure that we offer a safe, diverse, and fun environment where all students feel that they can express themselves freely. If at any point you struggling there are so many people that are around to help, so please don’t feel alone. The SU and I are happy to assist with most problems or queries – and if we can’t then we are able to contact those who can!

See you for a hell of a year! Ciao Bella!