Lauren France

Vice President

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The role

  • Representing students and ensuring the student voice is effectively heard.
  • Contributing to the development of the Union strategy.
  • Upholding the SU democratic system and ensuring student demographics and interests are recognised and reflected.
  • Ensuring delivery of varied communications across campus.
  • Ensuring the SU supports student representatives.
  • Leading work on welfare, diversity and campaigns.
  • Developing volunteering opportunities and links with local community groups.
  • A member of the Trustee Board and SU Executive Committee as well as sitting on a number of other university committees.

About Emily

I have completed my studies on Animal Behaviour and I am excited to be the new Vice President for the Student Union. I have been an active member of Young Farmers for many years and have had experience aiding in event planning and working within the community. My experiences have included working within customer service, rehoming centres, dog training, dairy farming and lambing but I am looking forward to a new adventure to better the Student Union for the future.

Why did you run for SU Vice President?

I was slightly nervous when first running for the Vice President role as I was not sure how it would go and whether people thought I would be a good candidate to run. Once running for Vice President, I thoroughly enjoyed the process of campaigning so became excited to be part of this process. I have always been interested in the role and working for the Student Union as I felt that I had many ideas that could improve the student experience and the working relationships between the Student Union and the University. I have wanted to be able to fully engage with the students across the University in all years as well as ensuring staff are also engaged in these changes.

What are your priorities for the year?

I have many ideas on how I can improve the Student Union in both the social side of things as well as the academic side. I want to increase engagement with all students and encourage students to get involved in activities, events, clubs and societies that they may have not previously been involved in. I will also focus on continuing the academic representation from the Student Union and help with any improvements noted within course committee meetings but also recognise all positive aspects of these meetings. I will also be aiming at increasing mental health awareness and how as a University and Student Union we can all improve our knowledge on mental health and encourage each other to talk.

I love Harper because…

One of my favourite things about Harper is the ‘true blue’ atmosphere we have on and off-campus. True blue has always given Harper a family feel and a great community atmosphere that I feel many students love and want to come to Harper for. Harper to me is very different to many other Universities across the UK that makes us unique and that uniqueness is why so many students, including myself, love Harper.

What advice would you give to new students this year?

When I first started Harper I was extremely nervous but I soon learnt that everyone was in exactly the same position. My advice is to get involved in absolutely everything and anything you can. Become fully engaged in your course, get involved in new clubs, societies and activities and enjoy yourself at any events you want to attend. Harper is like a family so access any support you may need whether this is from myself, lecturers, friends or from our support services across the University. Don’t forget to make some amazing memories.

Talk to Emily about:

  • Academic Representation
  • Wellbeing and Mental Health Initiatives
  • Give It A Go
  • Volunteering and Community Involvement
  • Diversity and Accessibility