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FRESHERS, welcome to the mighty Harper Adams Football Club, which is without doubt the best club at Harper! Whether you're the next Marcus Rashford....or a bit of a Jimmy Bullard, you're guaranteed to have one of the greatest years of your life on and off the field!
We have two teams competing in BUCS leages every wednesday against other universitys both locally and nationally. Last year the 1st team managed to gain promotion and the 2nds had a respectable mid table finish.  We are predicting a big season for the club in the coming year with both teams realistically challenging for promotion, with the help of you freshers who knows what we can achieve! Our training sessions are held every Monday evening on campus which are led by high quality local coaches.
As important as the winning is, we're all at uni to have a great time.Members are encouraged to attend socials on Wednesday evening after each game in Newport. This is where you'll get to know your fellow teams mates and form some of your greatest friendships throughout your Harper Life. All abilites are welcome, even if you dont play but just love the sport!
It’s easy to join HAFC and you should as it’s a great way to meet more people, keep active and have the best Wednesday afternoon and nights at Harper. Memberships are £85 for 1 year.  
The chairman of the football club is Tom Horton. If you have any questions feel free to drop him an E-mail, or send him a facebook message.

Now the Serious stuff:

Harper Adams Football Club


1.      Aims and Objectives:
a.      The club shall have the following objectives:
·         To promote and support members of the football Club, and to enjoy all Club/Society activities in a safe and inclusive manner.
·         To compete to our best ability in all competitions entered
·         To provide internal opportunities for competition, training and development of members
·         To engage with and include all members in the Club/Society activities.
·         To ensure a variety of activities for members
·         To adhere to the terms of the C&S Operational Agreement


1.      Membership:
a.      All members must purchase a valid membership of:
·         1 year at £85
a.      Membership is restricted to only those with a valid HAU ID card and student status.
b.      Only members holding valid coaching qualifications may coach
c.       Alumni members may be invited to socials and to support event, but are not eligible in any external competitive events unless specifically stated otherwise.


1.      Cessation of Membership
a.      Any member believed to be, or directly or indirectly, violating the rules and regulations of the Club/Society or being found guilty of unsatisfactory conduct may, by communal decision by the Football Club exec committee, have their membership suspended or expelled without a refund of any nature.
b.      Any member believed to be, or directly or indirectly, violating any of the Harper Adams University code of conduct regulations may, after enquiry by Student Services, have their Club/Society membership suspended or expelled without a refund of any nature.   
c.       Additional disciplinary action may be taken by the University if it is deemed appropriate.
d.      All members must be given fair opportunity to address concerns brought forward, and the right to appeal any sanctions.
e.      Any members found to be promoting, enforcing or encouraging initiations or initiation type behaviour will face immediate investigation.


1.      Fee payment and refund schedule:
a.      All memberships must be purchased within the first month of attending
b.      All members may attend 4 sessions for free.
c.       All refund requests must be processed and agreed upon by Student Services and SU.
d.      All refunds requested within 1 month of purchase will receive 100% refund
e.      All refunds requested within 1 month of purchase will receive 100% refund
f.        All refunds requested after 1 month of purchase will receive no refund



1.      Equal Opportunities Policy:
a.      The football Club will ensure that all members are made to feel welcome regardless of previous experience, background, race, gender, age or orientation.
b.      The club will ensure only key performance indicators will be used as a measure for inclusion in competitive events, and that no member receives less favourable treatment on any other grounds.
c.       There will be no mandatory, forcibly encouraged or implied requirement for members to engage in any initiations or initiation type events that involves or is believed to involve – but not limited to – demeaning behaviour, alcohol consumption, body modification or forced interaction with other students. 


1.      The Committee:
a.      The Club execs shall form the committee for conducting affairs, formed from:
·         Chair - Tom Horton
·         Vice Chair- Will Davidson
·         Secretary- Ben Chilman
·         Treasurer- Harry Lewis
·         Social Exec- Alexander Shambrook

In the event of a vacant post the Chair/President may delegate responsibilities to another member.

a.      The execs cannot delegate responsibilities to non-exec members.
b.      The committee may appoint new positions by unanimous vote.
c.       All committee members must hold a valid membership.
d.      Committee members may be removed if their conduct violates the terms already established in this constitution.


1.       Operation of the Committee:
a.      The committee shall have the power to make decisions on all matters concerning the Football Club. In the event of conflicting decisions, a vote must be taken and won by majority to continue.
b.      The committee are fully responsible for any equipment, clothing or other items of value owned by the Club.
1.      Mileage claims:
a.      Only members with a valid membership may apply for mileage claims
b.      Mileage will be paid based on a pre-arranged amount only, either based on total distance or pence per mile.
c.       Mileage claims that have not been pre-approved by committee members will not be refunded.


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