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Welcome to the Gaming Society, since our inception in 2014 our goal has been to provide a chill environment where everyone feels welcome and can just have fun playing games. Having received the 2017/18 true blue awards for “Society of the Year”, the Gaming Society is now more popular than ever before. In the past we have battled against Newman University Gaming Society in a gaming competition, play-tested a brand new game that hasn’t been released (Find the Pickle) and attended Birmingham Comic Con. We also run a 12 hour gaming marathon each term where we stay up all night playing games to raise money for our chosen charity; SpecialEffect.

We run two sessions each week from 7pm-10pm:

Tuesday is Tabletop Gaming, where we get together to play new and classic board games. You can expect the likes of Monopoly, Cards Against Humanity, Werewolf, Munchkin and more. Depending on DungeonMasters available and interest in the topic – we also run Dungeons and Dragons on Tuesday nights; it was massively popular 2018/2019, so there might even be a third day we run the society to allow for just that.

Thursday is video game night, where we have a plethora of games to get on with, such as Overcooked, Mario Kart, Call of Duty, Rocket League, Smash, Dirt Rally to name a few. We also many have consoles to choose from – Playstation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, Nintendo Switch – with more to come over the following year! Our recent addition of Playstation VR has proven to be our most popular attraction with VR games such as Beat Saber, WipEout, Super Hot, Resident Evil 7 and Job Simulator.

 Currently planned is a trip to Birmingham ComicCon where you can nerd out to your hearts content and get some decent gear on the cheap as well. We also have plans to do day-trips to Arcade Club (the biggest indoor arcade in Europe), a multitude of Dungeons and Dragons shops and clubrooms, and if the timing allows; maybe even a gaming convention or two! There might even be a trip to the beach thrown in there too, who knows!


•    Lewis Taylor, Chairman - Oversees all operations of the society, including budgeting, events, conduct and running.

•    Emma Wright, Secretary – Organises club meetings, dates, sponsors and general running of the society.

•    Chloe Green, Treasurer – Maintains the club’s budget, organises sponsor details, has control over society purchases.

All of us are here to help you have a relaxed and entertaining time – feel free to approach any of us with any questions you may have!


To contact us please message our Facebook page @HAGamers!



•    We are a society that welcomes all, there is a zero-tolerance policy to bullying and discrimination of any kind.

•    The games and consoles are to be respected, if they are maliciously damaged then you will be paying for repairs. Accidental damage will be handled by the society, providing adequate care was adhered to at the time of the accident.

•    Any grievances/problems you may have is to be raised with any member of the Exec team, that way it can be appropriately handled. Full confidentiality can be assured, and we will try our absolute best to resolve the situation the best we can – this is supposed to be a relaxed, welcoming environment, and we want you all to have as much fun as possible.

•    Participation will never be made compulsory, and nobody will be required to participate more than they are comfortable with. If yourself, or someone you know, is being forced or pressured to take actions they do not wish to, please bring it up with a member of the exec team.

•    The Exec team uphold the right to eject anyone from the society if they fail to comply with these rules without refund.


Our annual membership fee is £40 per person which covers attendance, events, new games and equipment; the first week is free though so you can get to know everyone and enjoy what we have to offer.

If you have any questions then do not hesitate to contact the secretary via email on, you can also check out our Facebook page for regular updates.

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