Do you care about the student voice? Do you have a passion for representation and for your Students' Union? Then stand for election to be one of our Students' Union President/Vice President or SU Executive! or engage and vote in our elections every March!

Every year we ask students to stand and vote for who you want to represent you as full-time President and Vice President as well as our part-time representatives. These elected students will then work on issues that affect students, gather and respond to your feedback and overall try and bring about positive changes at HA!

You can nominate yourself for election and we definitely recommend doing so if you are interested. Elections week in March is always great fun and an amazing experience, and these roles are a great opportunity to develop your leadership and communication skills. 

If you aren't elected this year, you can always run again! or there are lots of opportunities for you to have your say throughout the year, such as becoming a Course Rep, joining a committee, submitting an idea, or event taking part in student feedback surveys. 


Lead your Union. Campaign on the issues that matter to you. Represent the intersts of 4,000 students.

Students' Union Executive Group Nominations Now Open

What is Students' Union Executive Group

Student Executive Group is a group of individuals democratically elected by you, the student body, to represent your interests. Student Executive Group are the main decision-makers when it comes to approving new ideas and policies within the Union, from recycling bins to anti-racism stances. They also hold your Full Time Officers to account, making sure that they are working hard to fulfill the manifestos they were elected on. 

Anyone can submit an idea to be discussed and attend Student Council, but only elected representatives get a vote. The central group of students who sit on Student Executvie Group are called Students’ Union Reps. Student Exectuive Group meets monthly during term time.


Nominations are now open below, putting yourself forward is easy. All you need to do is write a few words summing up why the role matters to you, what you hope to achieve and why your peers should vote for you. Once you have put yourself forward, you will be notified of when you can publicly campaign to your peers to encourage them to vote for you. After the voting period, the Students' Union will inform you of whether you have been successful and provide you with the dates for upcoming meetings.

For more information, contact Ali Burr


No elections are currently running