HASU Gaming Society 12hr Gaming Marathon Friday 14 February 2020 7pm - 7am Sports Hall



Starting at 7pm on Friday running until 7am Saturday morning, your Gaming Soc have got activities planned for the whole thing!


This ticket covers your entry donation to Special Effect.


HASU Gaming Soc want to make sure you're going to have the best time, so if you have any additional considerations for your attendance, please let the execs know by completing the customisation option, giving as much detail as possible.


It could be anything at all, such as:

"I like my alone time - I might step outside at some point for a few minutes"

"I get nervous eating around people, I want food but might eat away from the group"

"I always call my friend/family member on friday nights, if I rush away to make a call it's OK"

"I don't like germs, I may bring a lot of hand sanitizer with me, please don't make a big deal of me using it"



If you would like to donate more, you can do so by buying multiple tickets, or donating cash on the night.


Attendees must visit the Gaming Soc page for booking food in advance.