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Harper Forum - CIS

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Harper Forum - CIS

This week Harper Forum welcomes Janette Mathie from Cattle Information Service (CIS).

Title of Presentation –Value from a Milk Sample.

A bit of background:

My name is Janette Mathie. I am head of Field Services for Cattle Information Service (CIS). I have worked for the company for 33 years, starting off as a contract milk recorder, recording 10 farms within my local area around Lockerbie, in Dumfriesshire, Scotland. I progressed through the company to become Head of Field Services in 2017 and am responsible for a Field team of 11 Area Managers, 14 Employed milk recorders and 166 self employed milk recorders. 

My job is to oversee the Field Team. Liaise with and promote CIS services and products to industry partners also make sure CIS provide our customers with the information and services required for them to manage individual animals, the herd and farm business.

My presentation will be based on the CIS information and services available from a milk sample, how the customer/ vet/ farm advisors can obtain the information and result and, by utilising this information can improve animal health and on farm profit.

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