Mental Health Self Care Kit Thursday 07 March 2019 12:30pm - 2pm Faccenda & Group Study Rooms

Self-Care kits are a go-to resource for people to use when they’re feeling stressed or in a low mood. They’re filled with some of your favourite things as well as sensory items (things that look, smell, feel and taste good). We’ve been lucky enough to get products from Chattyfeet and Farming Community Network.


Pick whichever items you want to include in your box (just like the one in the pic), decorate it how you want and it’s all yours!


Everyone is welcome to pick and choose what items they include, and we want to get to know what Mental Health means to you.


Boxes and resources are limited but we want to make sure they go to the people who need them most. So if you know a friend who could really do with one, make sure they come along!


Where: Faccenda Group Study Rooms + Vet Nursing Lab

When: Thursday 12:30 – 2pm

Cost: Free!

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