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University Mental Health Day Talk

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University Mental Health Day Talk

March 4th is University Mental Health Day and Toluwa is back to run a wellbeing session! Join Toluwa on the 4th of March, at 1pm on Zoom in this intimate wellbeing seminar, exploring the Topic: ‘8 steps to a happier life at university: dealing with low mood, loneliness and making friends in a virtual world’. All attendees will also receive a link to a digital resource pack after the session that will include an affirmation guide, wellbeing tasks, self reflection acitivities and more!

About Toluwa

TEDx speaker and Wellbeing coach, Toluwa has spent most of her professional career working with young people around the world, enabling them to make transformative changes in their personal and professional lives as well as their communities. 

The seminar

This interactive seminar will be focused on dealing with low mood, loneliness and making friends, and staying connected in a virtual world, with practical tips and wellbeing techniques provided.

The seminar is designed to be a small, intimate online workshop. Providing a space where we can discuss openly, without judgement and without hesitation. We are coming together to learn, to share and most importantly to reflect. 

Register in advance for Toluwa's seminar here