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Benefits of joining a club or society

Joining a student club or society is probably one of the best things you can do during your time at university. There are so many great benefits to joining a club or society – it is a great way to make friends, have some fun and also looks great on your CV.

Make new friends – Clubs and societies aren’t just about the skills you learn or the events you go to. They’re about the great people you meet along the way. It might sound a little cliché, but the friends you make through a club or society may very well be the friends you keep for life!

Looks great on your CV - You may not realise, but joining a club or society at university is great for your CV. Anyone can achieve a good degree by working hard, but can they do it whilst keeping up a club or society? Because not everyone can. The list of relevant skills you can gain is endless, from time management, leadership, event planning, organisation to problem-solving. It might just feel like a bit of fun and a kick about on the pitch but there is so much you can gain from clubs and societies.

Fitness – Joining a club/society is also a great way to stay in shape. Clubs such as rugby, netball, football to name a few maintain regular training sessions throughout each week. So, even if you don’t have time for a gym session or a quick run, at least you’ll be able to exercise through games and training sessions.

Social life/making memories – Being part of a community-type group like clubs and societies means you'll get to create some amazing memories as well as boosting your social life. 

Routine – Having a routine and being able to schedule your work life, social life and extracurricular activities is an essential life skill to have. Being part of a university club or society helps you to learn how to balance working life and your personal life.

Networking opportunities – Some societies and clubs regularly run events and fundraisers where you get the chance to meet potential employers. These are great opportunities to introduce yourself to new people and mingle with businesses. The more you get involved with these types of events, the more likely they are to remember you and keep in contact.

Opportunities to travel – Joining a club or society may bring about the opportunities to travel, whether it's abroad or across the UK. You might even get to visit places you’ve never been to before!

Support Network­ – Being part of a club or society not only helps you make new friends and meet new people, it also helps provide you with a support network. Teammates and friends will be there to support you not only during training but with your personal problems as well.

Learn new skills – Most of your lectures are focused on your academic education and teaching you academic skills, but life needs so much more than that. Clubs and societies teach you a number of new skills whether its cooking, photography or learning a new sporting skill.

Have some fun – Possibly the most important – have fun! Each club and society is filled with friendly students with like-minded interests and passions. After a day of lectures or working on coursework, joining in on group training or other activities can help bring some balance to your life. Join a club/society that interests you and you’ll find that all the events, socials and weekly meetups will be packed full of fun and something you love.

So, why not get stuck into a club or society at Harper this year - whether you've got experience with a particular sport/hobby or not, it doesn't matter! 


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