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Black Lives Matter

HASU stands in solidarity with the #BlackLivesMatter movement.

HASU stands in solidarity with the #BlackLivesMatter movement. 

We stand against racism. We stand with our black community and call out those who have been allowed to get away with racism, violence and murder. We ask all our students to stand together against the injustice happening around the world. 

We recognise the frustration our black students are undergoing. There are a continuous number of cases of black students being racially discriminated against in the education sector. We need to stand together to create change. We share your anger and will continue to stand with our black community. 

Institutional racism against Black people is not foreign to the UK. It's not just a U.S problem, it's ingrained in our society with roots deep in every aspect of our lives. Black people today are less likely to go to university, and when they do, black students are more likely to drop out. If they do stick around though, nationally black students are 26% less likely to be awarded a good honours degree, even when they come in with the same grades as their white counterparts.

Dear HAU black students, we see you; we hear you. We understand that some of us will never understand. but we stand with you and we are listening and learning.  

Dear all HAU students, we can't stay silent. It is no longer enough to be not racist; we must be anti-racist. We must challenge the system and join the fight for justice for our fellow students and for black people across the world. We must use our privilege to elevate their voices. We must pass the mic. 

  • We pledge that HASU will not stay silent. 
  • We pledge to call out racism and injustice on and off our campus
  • We pledge to continue our work with the University in closing the Black Attainment Gap.
  • We pledge to support our Black students in representation, including student officers and introducing a BAME student network. 
  • We pledge to continue to work to improve the experience of Black students, in and outside of the classroom. We pledge to listen to you, we pledge to learn from you. 
  • We pledge to be the organisation we want others to be. 

Thomas Oatey - Students' Union -President
Lauren France - Students' Union - Vice President
Alastair Burr - Students' Union - Director. 

We will continue to collate resources of which we can all access to inspire and effect change. Please find more resources below; 


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