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We've all experienced it... One minute you’re staring at the screen, resting your chin on your hand, concentrating hard, The next, your arm slips, your head drops. . You spring awake and stare at the time. It doesn’t matter what the exact time is, you just know the assignment deadline is approaching.

Using ‘Essay Mills’ or any service which offers to do your assignments on your behalf, for a fee, is just an easy way out. It will lead to expulsion from the University due to academic misconduct and it is considered fraud.

We're talking about those websites where you can ‘buy an essay’.

Need a 2:1 in less than 24 hours? They've got your back!

Need 80%? Well, give them a week and they have that sorted too! 

Need a comfortable First? They can do that too!

During these unusual times, balancing studying, university, and home life can be incredibly stressful. These things happen, life brings challenges to all of us and your deadlines don’t wait. The important thing is not to be persuaded into the temptation of these websites as a quick fix or a solution, here is why:

A guaranteed 2:1 or First? Guaranteed? Really?! There is absolutely no way that such a grade can be guaranteed and there is no knowing who has written the essay – and the qualifications or experience, or lack thereof, that they may have. Although you may be doubting your own ability at times, I can assure you that your knowledge and skill is far superior to that of the essays being sold to you, for a start, you’ve just been taught the topics!

They will all claim to be 100% plagiarism free, they advertise themselves as being able to get past the systems that Universities have put in place to detect plagiarised/copied work. But, let's not forget our old friend, Turnitin. Turnitin is the system Harper Adams uses to scan work for plagiarised content. Nothing gets by Turnitin! Let’s be honest with ourselves, these websites have been in operation for a couple of years which means the same essays have been recycled and re-circulated time and time again. The only thing these websites can guarantee is that the essay you buy from them will have already been bought by someone else.  Some Essay Mills have already had action taken against them by the Advertising Standards Authority for ads that gave a “misleading impression”

These sites may sell it to you that you are a customer who will be paying a small charge for an essay that will be of excellent quality. Well, the sad news is that you aren’t a customer at all. You’re a victim. These services have history of blackmailing and threatening students once you have registered/paid for their services and have no regard for customer service, or your academic interests. There is absolutely no safety nets or protection for you, once you realise you have been mis-sold. Whilst you will be a victim of the service, you are also responsible for your own actions, it is academic misconduct and the University will take action.

Ultimately, while you are attempting to cheat the system (and will, inevitably, get caught out), the main deterrence is that you are cheating yourself – can you comfortably talk to your friends, your family, and your Course Tutor knowing that you are trying to cheat? Remember, if you are thinking of using an Essay Mill, the university have a variety of advanced detection methods, including Turnitin and others, but also staff knowledge of their students’ writing style and standard, to investigate alleged academic misconduct, if found guilty, you face expulsion from the University. Don’t risk your qualification, your reputation, and the reputation of Harper Adams and your future career over a recycled assignment produced by an Essay Mill!

Don’t get lured in by the cheat sites. There is always an alternative, and that is found in planning, managing your time and workload, and in speaking to others. Your friends, family, and course rep may be great sources of support, but your course team or the Academic Guidance team can really help you to produce the standard of work you are capable of, without resorting to cheating. You’ve got this!


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