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Clubs and Societies Meeting - 30/01/24

Clubs and Societies meeting. Welly Inn, Tuesday 30th January, 5pm.

Hosted by SU Sports and Activities Co-Ordinator, Ian Broadhurst and SU President, Ellie Mace. Attended by Chairpersons of Clubs and Societies (C&Ss) of HASU.

Following the above-mentioned informal meeting, below are the points we presented and discussed. Students were offered the opportunity to ask questions following the meeting.

***Funding HAS NOT been withdrawn from Clubs and Societies***

  • The Past
    • Aware of lack of transparency
      • We are very aware that executives and members of C&Ss have been frustrated about transparency and timely and accurate information regarding their club or society, resulting in C&Ss “doing their own thing”.
    • Poor communications
      • Communication has not been what it should have been on two fronts; timeliness of that communication, and, lack of clarity, again resulting in frustration and disappointment.
      • Poor documentation and lack of C&S aims and objectives has seen clubs and societies not move forward.


  • The Future (more about this at the C&S Execs Training - Wed 1st May 2024)
    • C&Ss are going to be run in a more formal manner.
      • Key executives will be elected.
      • These key roles will be Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer (“job” descriptions will be sent out along with email on Exec elections).
      • Other roles can be added as required.
      • C&Ss will have monthly meetings.
      • Exec reports form Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.
      • Minutes to be filed on Teams/MSL (to be determined).
      • Treasurer will have full and up to date visibility of club funds, initially from liaison with the SU Activities Co-Ordinator, the plan being that access will be given (tbc) to the Treasurer via file share.
    • Spending of funds process (quotes/purchase orders/invoices)
      • Currently, many C&Ss go “out of process” to purchase/order kit, clothing, tickets, stash, etc.
      • Following the ‘spending process’ will protect individuals who take the risk of using their own money and will allow for up-to-date accuracy of club funds.
    • C&S Executive Roles 
      • Execs training to take place in the Weston Lecture Theatre on Wednesday 1st May ‘24. Further details will be communicated shortly.
      • There will be a separate training session for Treasurers on their role and responsibilities in May ’24.
      • BUCS training for all club captains will take place in Sept/Oct 2024 (this should make things considerably easier from an admin point of view for captains).
      • New Execs of Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer to be elected by 20th March ’24. Other roles can be added as required later.
    • HASU Awards (Clubs and Societies)
      • We will be holding a HASU awards night on 10th May ’24. This event (the first one for some time) will be a semi formal event held in the Barn. More details to follow.


  • Club Funds
    • The aim is that C&Ss will become self-sustainable.
    • SU Funding - which is not just for clubs and societies - is totally dependent upon the money received from the University and this is not a large sum. When considering student numbers, HASU receives one of the lowest sums per student across the UK.
    • Membership is very important as this is where most club funds are generated. It is known from our records that not all members of C&Ss are “paid up” members. Note: only ‘paid-up’ members are covered by the SU insurance. From a communications perspective, non-paid members won’t show on MSL and so won’t receive information directed to the club or society by either HASU or the Execs.
    • Sponsorship is an important channel of revenue and whilst some C&Ss are better than others at generating income, all C&Ss should have this high on their agenda to generate more. More income results in more re-investment in the club or society (better equipment/coaching/kit/materials etc) and externally, may come from sponsorship or fundraising.


  • Sponsorship (longer term)
    • In Ian’s opinion, not enough is done to generate Corporate Sponsorship for ALL clubs and societies. This is a longer-term vision, but the relationship Harper Adams has with large corporates lends itself to a strategy all on its own. As we move forward, HASU will be working with Execs to ‘tap into’ these opportunities. (More to come on this topic to come).





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