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Creating the perfect study space

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When it comes to revision, having the perfect space is essential, especially whilst in lockdown. We might not have access to some of the revision spaces we once used to, such as the library or Starbucks, so for now, we’ll just have to improvise. Whatever your style is, take the time to make sure it suits you.


Having an untidy desk will make it harder for you to find things and give you an easy excuse to procrastinate. So, the first thing you need to do is to make sure you have a tidy environment, a space that won’t cause any distractions and that has everything you need all in one place.


Think of the things that commonly distract you from getting your work done. Make a list of these things and then make sure that none of these are in your revision area. TV and phones are the obvious ones to avoid. If you’re using a laptop to do your work then consider downloading an app such as ‘Stay On Task’ or ‘Be Focused’ that helps you monitor your social media usage online and stops you using distracting websites for a set period of time. 


Finding the perfect lighting is one of the most important ways to set the right mood for revising. Making a room too dark can be demotivating and straining on your eyes when you’re trying to read your notes. However, lights that are too bright can cause headaches and stress. Try to get as much natural light into your room as possible to minimise any negative effects. 


It’s important to make sure you are as comfy as possible when it comes to revising. No one wants to spend hours a day hunched over their revision in an uncomfortable position – its distracting. Whilst it’s not advisable to sit in bed and revise, you do want to find a spot that comfy enough to not distract you from your work.


A clock should be easily visible somewhere in your revision space. Try and avoid using your smartphone clock so that you’re not tempted to check your Snapchat or Facebook. It’s also a good idea to keep some kind of revision schedule close by so you know how much time you are spending on each topic. 


The noise around your revision space is just as important as how it should look. Some people need background noise in order to work, whereas others may prefer silence. Whatever your preference, you need to make sure your revision space has a consistent level of noise and suited to your taste. If you can’t find the perfect sound space, then grab a pair of headphones to either play your own music or sit in silence. 


Make sure your space has all the correct equipment, a drink, and some snacks ready in front of you before you start revising. Your revision will be broken up if you have to keep getting up to get stationery and snacks from the kitchen. If you can, try and snack on something nutritious and full of protein to keep you energised. 


If you’re going to be spending hours of time in this revision space, you might want to add some personal touches to it. Maybe have some photos of your friends around to boost your mood and help keep you grounded. Plants are also a nice, relaxing feature to add! 

It can be easy to convince yourself that you’re being really productive when you’re creating a study space, but sometimes this can be a form of procrastination itself. Remember you need to have a space where you will actually get revision done!


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