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HASU Election 2024 Results

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??HASU Election Results ??

Congratulations to the newly elected officer team for 2024/25! ?? ??

SU President - Daisy Douglas

SU Vice President - Tiff Owen


Well done to our elected SU Exec Roles 24/25. ?? ??

LGBTQ+ Rep - Jamie Reynolds

Commuter Student Rep - Fenrir Dower

Student Welfare Rep - Gabbie Fleury

The remaining SU Exec vacant roles will be available in a by-election to be arranged.

Thanks to all of you who have voted this week and our candidates for running!

Election Title Number of Individual Voters Total Number of Votes Abstentions Electronic Votes
SU Elections 2024 371 1522 75 1522

Elections process:


All Students’ Unions across the country have to deliver fair and transparent elections as per the Education Act 1994 passed by Parliament, in this act it also puts the responsibility on the University to ensure elections are fair and transparent.


For HASU we do the following to plan and deliver elections:


  • HASU Staff elections panel who met in November who plan and deliver the elections
  • Appoint a Deputy Returning Officer (Union Director) who deals with any complaints from candidates or students initially  
  • Appoint an external Returning Officer (Senior Leader at Nottingham Trent SU) who deals with any appeals and signs off the election after voting has closed
  • Send the results to the University so they are satisfied it is fair and transparent
  • All voting is cast via our website provider MSL, who also provide websites for a lot of the SU movement. As part of this they have an election module that deals with all nominations, approving of candidates, and then students cast their vote via MSL. Votes are then counted using MSL by clicking a few buttons, which produces the results we have attached.


If anyone would like to discuss this in more detail please email




Michael Gale (he/him)

Union Director



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