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HASU Forum Update

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It has been just over 2 months since the HASU Student forum and although we have been releasing info and updates via the regular Presidents email or via the news section on our website, we wanted to put it all in one place.

Rather than repeating what we have already released, we will link to the information already out there.

Flock ticket price:

Ticket prices were reduced to:

  • £7 Early bird ticket
  • £7.50 Standard ticket
  • £11 late ticket but this is will now start at 10pm

The full reasoning and calculations are here HASU Student Forum UPDATE (

Security Forum:

We held a security forum on the 21st February and although the timing wasn’t ideal as we didn’t factor in reading week, we did have some attendees who raised some pertinent points.

Off the back of the HASU Forum and the Security Forum we have had students email us with past issues, which have been investigated by ESP (security provider) and actioned where appropriate.

We will be going out to tender for a security company in the summer.

Drinks Prices:

We released a price comparison and the reasons why drinks prices are staying as they are here HASU Student Forum UPDATE (

Drinks in the toilets:

This was changed immediately after the forum and drinks are now allowed in the toilets.

Harper Spirit:

This is an ongoing and equally not an easy one for just HASU to fix as Harper spirit means different things to different people.

Some of the areas HASU has worked on since the forum are:

  • Free drinks for BUCS home teams
    • After match days each team can claim 2 free pints or soft drinks for their Player (s) of the match that is also extended to the away team.


  • Varsity
    • After RAU cancelled hosting Varsity, Ellie (President) has worked incredibly hard for Harper to host, and this will be happening on the 15th May.


  • Lions and Lionesses Final Year dinner
    • We support the Captains each year to ensure final year students have a great send off.
    • Ellie (President) has been working hard with Meg and Max to set up tickets, check budgets etc to ensure the event can go ahead.


  • Yearbook
    • Similarly to the above Ellie has supported the Captains to create the yearbook.


  • RAG Week
    • Led by our RAG Executive Officers (Shaznay and James), HASU supported RAG to deliver various events across RAG week including Take Me Out and a Football tournament.


  • Welcome Week planning
    • Doesn’t help those who are leaving but plans are already well developed for the new intake in September!
    • We are exploring options for having 2nd and 4th year students able to attend our events from Flock on Wed 25th September.
    • We will also be discussing with our Clubs and Societies about moving the fair to Wed 25th and broadening it out to a HASU Fair.

Rugby Lights:

As released after the forum HASU Student Forum UPDATE ( the University have agreed to replace the lights.

We continue to push for further updates from the University so that the work is completed before the new academic year.

Transparency/Building Trust:

This is an ongoing piece of work and only achievable if we do what we say we are going to do!

  • Financial dashboard
    • We released the first one in February HASU Finances Feb 2024 (
    • This is the same dashboard our Trustee Board receive.
    • We will continue to update as management accounts are confirmed for each month.


  • Changes to Clubs and Society accounts
    • Feedback from clubs and socs was that it wasn’t clear what money has been carried forward from one year to the next.
    • This will change for the new academic year, so at financial year end money will come out of accounts and then go back in the next day at the start of the new financial year.
    • The money has to go out and back in due to financing regulations, but it will mean that for the new Clubs and Society execs they will see what their starting balance is rather than funding being restricted for the relevant club and kept in separate spreadsheets.


  • Voice survey request
    • For our 2nd Student Voice Survey we asked for feedback on what to include in the survey via HASU social media.
    • We want to ensure the Student Voice Survey covers key areas to you so that we all get maximum impact from it.



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