National Student Survey

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The National Student Survey (NSS) has now launched, giving you the chance to speak up anonymously about your university experience.

Most final year students are eligible to complete the UK-wide survey, which asks students to reflect on their course and university experience across a range of areas including:

  • Teaching Quality
  • Learning Opportunities
  • Academic Support
  • Organisation and Management
  • Learning Resources
  • Learning Community
  • Student Voice
  • Overall Satisfaction.

You’ll need to answer a total of 27 questions and will have the opportunity to answer a number of Harper-specific additional questions, giving you the opportunity to be completely honest about your course. The survey is completely anonymous and only takes around 10 minutes of your day to complete. All of the feedback collected helps the university to develop and grow, by highlighting potential improvements to its facilities, teaching, support systems and social offer.

All of the feedback collected helps the university and student’s union to understand what currently works well for students as well as helping to make improvements. Based on students’ direct responses from previous results, the university and student’s union has been able to extend the library opening times to 24 hours a day for most of the year and even move to electronic-only submissions for the majority of assignments. These are just a couple of examples of how the university and SU can use your feedback to better student life.

All the results are made available to prospective students on the ‘Discover Uni’ website, helping them make the right choices of where and what to study.  

To find out more about the NSS or to complete the survey, visit


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