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Our Graduate Guideline

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For some of you, your last academic year is coming to an end and the question of ‘what shall I do next’ will be hanging on your shoulders. Now, this article isn’t here to help you find out what your future career might be, but it is here to help give you some ideas and to start planning your life after your assessments are finished with. 

Just because you’ve finished university doesn’t mean that you should go applying for any job you might come across just because some of your mates might already have job offers or internships. This is the start of YOUR future and no-one else’s and you owe it to yourself to put some planning and thinking into it.

You’ve just completed your final year of university, so relax! If you can help it, take a few weeks out to relax and rejoice in the fact that you have completed university and you’re now on to the next chapter in your life. Even if you’re having to work straight after graduation, make sure you still make time for yourself. Here are some examples;
•    Make time for yourself!
•    Do something for someone else. 
•    Do something productive – make it count towards one of your goals, whether it be personal or work-related.
•    Do something creative. 

Remember, we would encourage you to keep in touch and continue to use your careers service. The vacancy pages and advice are available to you after you have left. You can view vacancies by re-registering now using your private email account. Any applications you are making can be checked via the careers service by emailing Just get in touch, we can help. You are welcome to keep in touch with us via Teams to have a face to face meeting. 

Ideas where we can help:
•    Explore your career options and the labour market as of COVID –19 , summer 2020
•    Review your CV, check and review any applications
•    Consider the skills and experience you may need for new career opportunities.
•    Volunteering and courses that will help you stand out

See what the university has to offer with their Postgraduate programmes. If you are interested in a Postgraduate study then speak to either one of your lecturers or Student Services for advice and guidance. Write down a list of questions you wish to ask and either send them an email or schedule a teams call! 

Be prepared to experience phases of unemployment after you graduate, especially during the current circumstances. It’s important to manage your money efficiently and to seek monetary advice if needed. 

There are a number of organisations and charities out there to guide and support you once you leave university. For example, in Shropshire, there is the Shropshire Graduate Programme. Do a quick search for organisations in your area and get in touch with someone. Maybe even have a conversation with your family members first, they might be able to provide some crucial life advice.


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