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SU Elections results

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Once again the SU Elections have come to an end and another set of officers have been elected into office. We would like to thank all candidates who took part in the elections – without you, there simply would be no elections. We’d also like to thank all the teams that helped out with each candidate’s campaign. 
After almost a year spent in lockdown, the world is finally on the road to recovery and with that, we look forward to returning to normal and giving you back the university experience you deserve with the help of our newly appointed officers. 

With Thomas Oatey (President) and Lauren France (Vice President) deciding not to re-run, we will be welcoming a new President and Vice President in the new academic year. We would like to congratulate Emily Brown who has successfully been elected to lead the Union as President alongside Emily Wallace who has been elected as our new Vice President for 2021/2022. Joe Bramall and Chloe Livesey will also be joining the new President and Vice President on the HASU Trustee Board in their new role as Student Trustee. We look forward to working closely with the new Sabbatical officers to help make the next academic year, one to remember!~

Standing alongside the SU will be the new members of the SU Executive team, made up of the following; Louis Rose, the Academic Undergraduate Rep, Thomas Broom as Entertainment Rep, Jen Thomas as RAG Secretary and Marley Lamerton as RAG Chair. We look forward to welcoming the newly elected officers into the team in July 2021. We’re ready for a new year, with new changes, actions and events and hopefully an end to Covid-19. 

Sabbatical Officers for 2021/2022:
•    President – Emily Brown
•    Vice President – Emily Wallace

SU Executive (Part-time roles) 2021/2022:
•    Student Trustee – Joe Bramall and Chloe Livesey
•    Academic Undergraduate Rep – Louis Rose
•    Academic Postgraduate Rep - vacant seat to be elected in Term 1 2021
•    Engagement Officer - vacant seat to be elected in Term 1 2021
•    Entertainment Officer.- Thomas Broom
•    Sports Officer - vacant seat to be elected in Term 1 2021
•    Societies Officer - vacant seat to be elected in Term 1 2021
•    RAG Chair – Marley Lamerton
•    RAG Press - vacant seat to be elected in Term 1 2021
•    RAG Secretary – Jen Thomas
•    RAG Treasurer - vacant seat to be elected in Term 1 2021

A break down of the elections can be found here.

** All roles without candidates will be re-opened in the new academic year for any student to nominate themselves for. 


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