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Why you should stand in this years student elections

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The Students Union plays a valuable part in university life for many students. We organise and run all the activities and events that go on to make your time at university as memorable as possible.

There are many elected roles available in this year’s election, from President and Vice President to Officer and executive roles and each of these roles requires a different level of responsibility. Regardless of the position, getting involved with your SU has several positive effects. Now, you may have many reasons to run in the 2020 elections, but here are a few of ours…

  1. This is your student’s union – HASU is an organisation run by students, for students. If you want something changing on campus, on your course, or you want to change how events are run, you can help make that happen by campaigning to the SU and university.
  2. Change. Elected students will have the power and ability to drive change across the university. You will be allowed to help improve student’s education, organises a series of activities and trips, attend important university meetings with senior members of staff, look to improve the appearance of the SU including making changes to the website, and even lead your own campaigns. You can bring forward and address important issues voiced by students and implement changes to resolve these issues.
  3. Employability & Responsibility. Becoming an active member within your SU boosts your employability. There are often common tasks such as managing budgets, running campaigns and taking lead in big meetings that develop qualities that are highly attractive by employers such as multitasking, organising and negotiating.
  4. Being a member of the student’s union also opens you up to a variety of responsibility. You can influence where the money is spent within the union. You will have a say in decisions such as new student facilities on campus, how sports and societies are funded and even the student events that occur.

Assuming an active role within the student’s union is considered to be an honourable position, putting you in the spotlight to potential employers. By leading campaigns, assisting with the organisation of events and having a voice within the union, you can help steer the direction of the university.


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