Bus Pass 2018/2019

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MONDAY/WEDNESDAY NIGHT BUS CARDS Official safe bus for Harper Adams Students to travel between Newport High Street and Campus. This year we are working in partnership with A star transport to ensure an affordable, reliable service to students wanting to travel to Newport from Campus, and From Newport to Campus on Monday and Wednesday nights. The Annual Pass is a one off payment of £50 (purchase below)*. Once purchased and collected, all you need to do is show this together with your valid University ID.


* the equivalent available single journey price will be fixed at £2 per journey (payable on the bus)



TERMS AND CONDITIONS By purchasing the Annual Bus Pass you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions; 1. General Terms a. The card issued remains the property of Harper Adams Students Union, is non-transferable, and may be recalled at any time. Furthermore HASU reserves the right to cancel and/or recover the card issued to any individual following confirmed breach of any terms and conditions. b. The card is issued to a named individual and can only be used by said individual (identified via the valid Student ID/ website log in details). Any attempt of unauthorised usage will result in investigation, and may result in confiscation of the pass for a specified time (including permanent), a Union bar ban, or removal of membership, of both the named owner of the card and the individual attempting access. c. The access to transport afforded the individual by this card is limited to the named official transport delivered by HASU in partnership with A Star Transport. 2. Validity The cards validity is limited to the 2018/19 Academic year as defined by Harper Adams University, and services will only be delivered WITHIN TERM TIME in that year. 3. Behaviour. a. Abuse of the operators, volunteers or staff of this service will not be tolerated. Any reports of such behaviours will be immediately investigated (under the Unions Complaints process) and access to the service suspended until the investigation is concluded. b. Safety. Individuals using this service agree to abide by the guidance and instruction of operators of the service- including any drivers, chaperones or security officially identified. Individuals should take particular and individual care to not put fellow travellers at risk- either on the journey, or on access/ egress to the bus. For the avoidance of doubt this should be interpreted as queuing in an orderly fashion, allowing fellow passengers space and time to step on and off the bus, and at busy times general patience. 4. Adverse weather conditions. We will endeavour to ensure that the service is provided throughout the entire term, however we must also acknowledge the safety of both road users and our students. Should the advice suggest that weather conditions make it unsafe to travel we may have to limit or cancel the service. Should this be the case we will seek to communicate said restrictions with as much notice as possible (primarily through the official Union facebook page: , all student emails (from the President) and/or the official union website www.harpersu.com ). 5. Amendment to these terms. HASU reserve the right to revise these terms whilst endeavouring to limit this to essential changes and will provide 7 days notice. Should you wish to challenge any of these amendments, you may do so by emailing the president gmarland@harper-adams.ac.uk identifying your concerns with the changes.