We understand that you may have a few questions when thinking about joining a Club or Society, below you will find answers to some of the most common questions that we get asked.

Go to the "Clubs" or "Societies" page, click on "join a club/society" and choose the club that your interested in from the list displayed. Once on the club/society page, click the "Join this club/society" tab which will display a list of memberships that are currently available. That's it! Your membership is now in your basket, all thats left to do is checkout and contact the Exec of your chosen club/society using the contact information provided on the page to let them know that you want to join.
Yes - The contact details for the Exec's will be on the "Contact Us" tab found on the club/society that your interested in. The Exec's will be more than happy to provided you with any addition information that you require. Lots of them have Facebook groups that you can join.
Yes - though you will have to manage your time carefully. With sports for example it will be very difficult to play both football and rugby! You can be part of both clibs if you wish, but only play one socially as fixtures are all on at the same time. With other clubs and societies like Gaming, Taekwon-Do or Conservation you can be part of multiple groups without issue.
Yes - Each club will set out the refund shecdule in their constitution. Check this for more information. You can try everything for free, and the refund process is simple and easy.
No - You don't have to sign up, but there are lots of great groups on offer and you can always start your own.
Yes - We have plenty of opportunities to play all kinds of sports socially with the support of the University and SU without having to compete.