Start something new!

Making your own Club or Society is easy! If this sounds like something that you are interested in, simply follow the steps below to get things moving.

  1. Find out who else shares your interest (groups on Facebook are really handy!)
  2. Make sure you're all on the same page, some may take things more seriously than others.
  3. Drop Andy an email to discuss how you can structure your club with Exec positions.
  4. Have an open meeting inviting all members to get together to discuss what the goals of the new Club/Society are, what recources you need and what support you need from staff.
  5. A decision is made whether the club will be a formally affiliated club or not.
  6. Host a trial session/game/meeting and invite all prospective members.
  7. Collect member details and decide on an exec body if the club is viable.
  8. Decide on when your regular sessions will be and what recourses are required.
  9. Exec members complete induction training session with Andy.
  10. Enjoy your new Club/Society!