Autumn Elections

The Students’ Union will be running our autumn by-election in October. For full details about the election process and the roles available, see the table below.

SU Executive By-elections

At the start of October, we will be launching our SU Executive by-elections to fill our vacant positions. Students will have the opportunity to stand for a variety of roles:

What is a by-election?

A by-election is held when the resulting outcome for a position is left unfilled. It is a continued election from the main election that happened in March.

What role are we electing/voting for?

All of these positions are part-time, voluntary roles that you can carry out alongside your studies. These roles last for one academic year, starting in June 2020. 

SU Executive Positions

The SU Executive is made up of 13 elected individuals who represent all of the cohorts/courses/ and groups of students across the University, with the SU President acting as Chair of the SU Executive.

Our Executive Committee meets at least once a month and produces a policy which is created from issues affecting students. These can be to do with your student life, your university and your union. Our Committee works together to run campaigns to change things for the better of your student experience and the SU community to create awareness about issues which matter to YOU.

Student Trustee 

The Board of Trustees acts on behalf of the Students’ Union with the ultimate responsibility for the strategic direction and financial well-being of the organisation. The Board of Trustees contains two elected officer trustees and two student trustees, whose role is to ensure that all decisions are made with the best interests of students at heart and that HASU is serving its members to the best of its ability. The Board also has up to four external independent trustees; these are voluntary positions filled by people who have knowledge and experience in one or some of the following areas: finance, human resources, strategic development, fundraising & campaigning, business management and not for profit organisations. 

When do the elections happen?

The main HASU elections take place in March, electing Full-time Officers, Part-time Officers and Student Trustees.

Please get in touch if you are interested in more information about any of these elected positions.

October 2020 Elections Key Dates:

  • Nominations open: 26th October 09:00
  • Nominations close: 30th October 17:00
  • Voting opens: 2nd November 09:00
  • Voting closes: 5th November 13:00
  • Results: 6th November 13:00

Autumn Elections 2020 No elections are currently running